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Developer Tools In Safari

For a long time I was using Firefox just for Firebug. You know, sort of like when two people stay married for the kid. I was sick and tired of how Firefox rendering looked, hard to explain just not quite as smooth. When Chrome for Mac was released in the beta phases I was stoked… Until I saw the UI, now this is debatable but I would much rather have the looks of Safari then Chrome any day. All I really wanted was a good inspector and some nice things from the web developer toolbar.

Enter Safari Developer Tools

Why did no one tell me about this soon? Everyone needs to know safari comes with a beautiful inspector (just like chromes – webkit) and some handy disabling tools. The thing is they aren’t on by default. To turn them on all you need to do is go to :

Safari -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Show develop menu in menu bar

You get some nice things like User-Agent changing, Snippet Editors, Console Logging, Inspector, and much more.

Goodbye Firefox. It was good while it lasted, but we both know this relationship has been over for a long time.

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4 Responses


Its about time :)


Yeah, all the 5 major browsers have really good developer tools, I did a spreadsheet comparing them here:

There’s a link to it in the post.


Brand loyalty is keeping me with Firefox, but I know what you mean. I tried Chrome but just don’t trust it is not sending my info to Google. (I know it probably is not – I just can’t get over the feeling I am being spied on).

IE9 actually looks quite good, but as a site builder, I still hate the bugs in ie and am fed up doing all the workarounds – like at the moment I cant get a certain png file to not have a crappy black blur around it only on IE8.

Perhaps I should not be so tied into one browser like firefox, which is now (it seems) slower than ever and feels bloated.

Perhaps I will try Safari again given your recommendation, the developer tools it has I did not know about.

Best wishes,


It’s funny you would say that right now primarily because Firefox 4 has been release and seems pretty beloved. But as for me, I’ll still with Chrome/Webkit :-). Thanks for the activity on the site Paul D.

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