Remove jQuery From Your WordPress Theme

WordPress will generally inject jQuery into your front-end theme which in my opinion is a huge fail. Often times plugins will do it, fortunately there is a simple fix, just above wp_head() or inside of an init callback put:

    	if ( !is_admin() ) wp_deregister_script('jquery');

jQuery won’t be linked anymore. Writing this post has made me start wondering if I should write a more detailed post about WP_Scripts to show how to create dependancies and registering your own scripts. Any interest?

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Im interested! Thanks for this post too, I hated how WP just adds the JQueer.


I am new to wordpress and was wondering if you could tell me what plugin you are using to display your codes like you did above? I really like the look and would like to be able to place html/css/java/php and etc in my posts and comments that allow the look you have above.

I know this is off topic and really appreciate a response. Thanks!

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